It’s Valentine’s Day on Friday

So we’ve got some nice pink fizz on promotion.

At £9.99 a bottle, the Colline Dolci fizz would be great value anyway. But at £8.49 if you buy  two or more, it’s almost a steal. Well worth buying half a dozen now for glugging when it gets warmer.

The thing is: it looks like it’s Prosecco, but we’re not allowed to call it that. We’ve got to call it Declassified.

It’s made northeast of Treviso, just like proper Prosecco. It’s made from 95% juice of the Glera grape, but to qualify for the Prosecco DOC, it should have been made only from Glera grapes. This has 5% Brachetto added – which gives a slightly fuller, almost cherry-like, hint to the taste, and disqualifies it for the DOC.

And helps it go nicely with food: both savoury and sweet.

Especially chocolates. Especially a box of the Deli’s delicious self-selected chocolates – of which more over the next few days

But the producer still has to drop the price. Because there’s a limit to how much fizz the Veneto region can sell as Prosecco.