Getting you in the mood for our Christmas show…

Like every Christmas, we’re open from 6 till 8 this coming Friday. Partly to help you shop the town centre in peace, but also to show off the Deli’s Christmas offer: this year our best yet.

Go into the Deli right now, and you’ll find us busy preparing. We completely overhauled our range of wines and spirits yesterday, for example, and we’re still re-arranging the shelves and telling our EPOS system what our prices are.

But some of our offers are ready today. Our December promotional still wines, for example, are Fortalezza Spanish Tempranillo (red) and Sauvignon Blanc (white): £7.49 if you buy just one, or £6.49 if you buy two or more.

This month, we’re adding a fizz:

Cruse Blanc de Blancs at £9.99 or £8.99 for two or more.

There’ll be even more offers on Friday night

Today we’re welcoming a new neighbour as well. The Zuleika Gallery’s opening a pop-up Christmas shop opposite our old shop,  showing prints from an extraordinary range of modern artists – from Picasso to Miro. But don’t forget to look at Anthony Lloyd’s print show in our Cosy Room. A bit more affordable – and it’s got Lynne’s cakes and the best coffee in the Cotswolds