The best coffee in the Cotswolds. And the best range of locally-made food, drink and gift ideas.

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Our Cafe: made for Charlbury

We’ve designed our cafe for the widely differing tastes of Charlbury people and our visitors. Maybe it’s a builder who wants a take-away coffee, a business wanting a catered lunch for the office, a family needing nibbles for after a funeral or a local organisation needing a few hours on our free wifi to research a grant submission.
Each of our thousand customers a week needs something different from us.

We welcome families at the Deli, and we’ve even got a breakout room with children’s chairs and plenty of toys and books to enjoy! We also have baby changing facilities, and sell baby food and children’s snacks in the shop.

Here’s our cafe menu:.


Our bread and cakes: made locally

We’re almost as famous for Lynne’s home-made cakes as for the best coffee in the Cotswolds.

For many of our customers, though, our sourdough bread from Mark’s Cotswold Bakery is beginning to rival Lynne’s cakes. His fruitloaf (at present: weekends only) is fast catching up with his sourdough as well.


The heart of any Deli is its Deli counter.

Where we make our famous sandwiches, brew our coffee, slice our cooked meat and offer the best-kept cheese in the Cotswolds.


Our friends at Oxford Wine have chosen wine pairings with our cheese

Click to see our recommended  cheese pairings


There’s always a range of locally-made savoury pies

Olives etc


Our Cornbury Venison is nurtured just down the street

Xmas drinks

This Christmas, we’ve completely transformed our range of beer, wine and spirits to complement our food. Look at our suggested pairings with cheese  and the wines that go with our charcuterie and smoked fish

Xmas Wines

We’ve sharpened up our range of wine to offer more organic choices, more interesting grape varieties and new regions.

And we’ll knock 5% off all orders for 6 or more bottles. Download our Christmas wine list

Beer and cider

There’s an extraordinary range of  beer and cider made round here. This Christmas, we’ve got gift packs from Hook Norton and Chadlington Breweries and from Somerset’s Bumble Bee Cider


The Deli’s always a great place for finding presents – whether it’s local food and drink, something from our local craft shows, or one of the special new food hampers we’ve created for this year.

Xmas sweets

Chocolate sprouts, lebkuchen, bags of chocolate coins. There’s a lot more to Christmas sweets than tins of Quality Street. And this year, we’ve got a fabulous range in the Deli

Deli Vouchers

Deli vouchers can provide a grandchild’s birthday party. Give a friend loose chocs for a month (or year). Let them choose a special wine. Provide the catering for your club’s events.

The choices are vast

Loose chocs

Christmas specials like chocolate trees and orange-flavoured Brussels sprouts. Straightforward yumminess like marc de champagne truffles. There’s always a Deli loose choc no-one can resist


No need to pay Fortnums for what they want to sell. Ask at the Deli and we’ll produce a beautiful hamper full of what your friend or relative really wants to have on their table

About us

Charlbury Deli: made locally

The Charlbury Deli is owned by about 120 local shareholders. To get in touch, see our Visit Us page

Originally the town’s Good Food Shop (back when it took a 7-mile drive to buy a packet of muesli), we moved in 2017 into a former bank. And overnight became the hub of a busy village.

We sell the best coffee in the Cotswolds – brewed in Charlbury from beans roasted by Oxford’s Missing Bean – who help train our staff.

We’ve got separate rooms, so our younger customers can drink their babyccini and raid our toybox away from their elders having meetings or using our free wifi to write their dissertations or their TED presentations. Or try our walled garden (designed with help from Charlbury’s Andrew Lawson) or relax on the pavement, opposite the town’s delightful Corner House. The town’s thriving art community provides ever-changing exhibitions of their paintings and prints on our walls – and original pottery.

We also sell the best home-baked cakes in the Cotswolds: most mornings, our shop manager, Lynne Stubbles, is up at 4.30 baking cakes. Like the team at our main sourdough bread supplier, Mark’s Cotswold Bakery, just outside Chipping Norton.

Overall, about 80% of what we sell comes from Oxfordshire suppliers: we’re fortunate to have some fabulous local food manufacturers on our doorstep. British isn’t always best of course – so Standlake’s Oxford Wine Co finds us really distinctive wine, and our neighbours swear by our delicious loose Belgian chocolates.

But if you’re local, supply good food or drink and want to join us, just send one of us an email at We can’t promise we’ll be able to do business with you. But we’d be disappointed if we couldn’t.


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