The Deli’s open with delicious food, a friendly atmosphere and the best coffee in the Cotswolds 7 days a week

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Served from 8.30am-11am

Creamy porridge £2.85
choose from any of the following:
honey, jam, peanut butter, banana,
seeds, berries 50p per item

with Greek yoghurt & local honey £3.00
with Greek yoghurt & fruit compote £3.00

Toasted bagel with smoked salmon
& cream cheese £5.50

Smashed avocado on sourdough
with cherry tomatoes & chilli £5.95
add ‘Upton Smokery’ smoked salmon £6.95

Bacon bap £3.95

Sausage bap £3.95

Plain £1.50
with ham & cheese £3.95
with cheese & tomato £2.95

Pain au chocolate/raisin/almond £2.25

Baked beans on toast £3.25

Thick-cut toast, two slices with butter £1.95

Preserves/Marmite/peanut butter/
jam/honey extra 50p each


Served from midday-2.30pm

Homemade quiche (see blackboard)
served with salad and coleslaw £6.25

Local ploughman’s

Free-range ham £5.75

Cheeses £5.25

Pork pie £5.95

all served with bread, salad,
chutney, pickled onions & apple

Pate served with toast, salad
& red onion marmalade £5.25

Salad plate – mixed green leaf salad plus choose from today’s selection:
two salads £2.75
three salads £3.75

Jacket potatoes served with a green salad

one filling £4.75

two fillings £5.50

Choose from grated cheddar, baked beans,
tuna mayonnaise, cottage cheese

Soup of the day with bread & butter £3.95

Deli boards & sharing platters

Mediterranean board (V)
with feta, olive selection, houmous, tzatziki,
grilled artichokes, sun-blushed tomatoes,
falafel, mixed salad & pitta bread

Charcuterie board
Selection of three continental meats, pate,
gherkins, sun-blushed tomatoes, mustard,
green salad & toast

Fish board
Upton Smokery smoked salmon,
fish pate, taramasalata, anchovies, capers,
lemon wedge, green salad & toast

Cheese board
Selection of cheeses seved with a selection
of biscuits, chutney(s), grapes & apple

three cheeses £7.45
five cheeses £9.45

See also our sandwich menu

Sandwiches & Nibbles

Sandwiches (served all day)

All sandwiches are served with a green leaf salad. You can choose from baguette, ciabatta or brown/white sliced. 

Free-range ham with whole grain
mustard & tomato £4.25

Roast beef & horseradish £4.50

Pastrami, swiss cheese,
gherkins & mustard £4.75

Smoked turkey, brie & fig relish £4.75

Chicken mayonnaise with
rocket & avocado £4.75

Upton Smokery smoked salmon
& cream cheese £4.75

Houmous & roasted peppers £4.25

Egg mayonnaise & watercress £4.25

Goats cheese, rocket & chilli jam £4.45

Cheddar cheese & tomato £4.25


Mature cheddar & tomato £4.45

Tuna melt £4.95

Free range ham & mature cheddar £4.95

Mozzarella, pesto &
sun-blushed tomato £4.95

Salami, swiss cheese & artichoke £5.15

Nibbles & small plates

Small bowl of olives £1.50

Houmous with toasted pitta sticks £2.95

Houmous with carrot & cucumber sticks £2.75

Tomato & garlic bruschetta
with parmesan shavings £2.75
add parma ham £4.95

Bowl of mixed roasted & salted nuts £1.50

Scotch egg (see varieties available) £4.50


We welcome families at the Deli, and we’ve even got a breakout room with a sofa, children’s chairs and plenty of toys and books to enjoy! We also have baby changing facilities, and sell baby food and children’s snacks in the shop.

Children’s menu

Small roll served with crisps or apple slices
choose from cheese, ham, tuna mayo, egg mayo,
or houmous

Half a jacket potato
one filling £2.95
two fillings
Choose from beans, cheese or tuna mayonnaise

Beans on toast £2.95

Yoghurt, honey & compote £3.25

Ice cream with warm chocolate or caramel sauce
one scoop £1.25
two scoops £1.55

Jelly and ice cream £1.55

Cakes & Desserts

Cake selection (daily homemade specials)
from £3.50
add clotted cream extra £1.00

Toasted fruit bread & butter £2.50

Selection of pastries from £1.50

Greek yoghurt with honey & fruit compote £3.75

Cream tea
Plain or fruit scone with jam and
clotted cream or butter
add a pot of tea £3.95

Affogato £2.75
Vanilla ice cream with a shot of espresso

Press Room

We’re beginning to attract a surprisingly healthy collection of articles about us.

Though we’ve really not got the time to collate them all, you might like the article the Witney Gazette published about us on January 31:

Revitalising Charlbury’s main shopping street

A year ago, shops in Charlbury   (pop 2,900) had a history depressingly like many affluent Cotswold micro-towns. Soaring house prices and ever easier shopping elsewhere had turned a lovely and buzzy main shopping street into an even lovelier street full of houses. Great for people who could afford them – but lifeless most of the week.

Charlbury wasn’t completely typical of course: Charlbury refuses to be typical of anything. Weekenders, tourists and retired diplomats aren’t filling our lovely houses: more and more, it’s young couples wanting to bring their families up somewhere nicer and roomier than Oxford or London.

But Charlburians buying their quinoa in Witney do no more for the vitality of our town centre than Charlburians buying their zimmer frames. And, since West Oxfordshire produces neither quinoa NOR zimmer frames, they’re not helping other businesses either.

In the past 12 months, we’ve transformed all that.

The 130 Charlburians who’d collectively owned the town’s Good Food Shop for the previous 25 years had decided in 2015 to seek new directors. Their  small, fading shop wasn’t just struggling to stay alive: it was losing money and avoiding closure only by digging into our assets more and  more every year.

It had some underappreciated assets, though: huge loyalty from the shareholders and townsfolk and extraordinary dedication from the two-woman team of Lynne Stubbles and Lauren Clark who’d been managing it.

Then practically the last remaining shop – a more visible and flexible site a few yards away- went under. The new team raised about £30,000 from  other shareholders to refit it, negotiated a  10-year lease on and opened in late July with no advertising or promotional gimmicks.

Overnight, we doubled the number of customers shopping and increased our gross margin (the difference between what we pay our suppliers and what we charge  our customers) fourfold. Though our rent and wage bill have grown, we’re now making healthy profits from much the same selling space as before.

Our old shop? We’ve let that out to the Curiosities Company : on the face of it, a hot-desking facility for local homeworkers, but down in the cellar, Simon’s fermenting kimchi and sauerkraut and curing  local bacon. We’ll be testing it soon against the terrific bacon we already source from Trev Beadle in Chipping Norton – and we’ll probably be selling Simon’s s fermented vegetables alongside the amazing English charcuterie we’re sourcing from Chippy’s Salt Pig Curing Company.

Just up the road from Simon, Deep’s baking his amazing range of bread at the Bread Shed. In Church Hanborough Christian and Luciana will be suggesting beers from the Churchhanbrewery  range to go alongside all of them. Our coffee wouldn’t be the best in the Cotswolds without the relentless coaching in barista skills our team ges from Ori at Oxford’s Missing Bean . And our staff credit Liz and Camilla from Standlake-based CollaGin  for their unfailing good looks.

Overall, about 80% of what we sell comes from Oxfordshire suppliers: take a bow: Standlake’s Oxford Wine Co, Banbury’s Arthur David for fruit and veg, New Yatt’s Mayfield Eggs, more bread from  Carterton’s Bread Bin, meat from Witney’s Densham’s. Most of the rest comes from Berks, Glocs or Northants – and if you’re local, supply good food or drink and want to join us, just send one of us an email at

We can’t promise we’ll be able to do business with you. But we’d be disappointed if we couldn’t


We are recruiting full-time and part-time staff and for a team leader position. A good welcoming manner and a passion for food are essential!

Phone 01608 811157, email, or pop into our Market Street shop and talk to Lynne. We’d love to hear from you.